Split Shank Engagement Rings For Your Bride To Be…

A woman’s engagement ring can say a lot about her. It can speak volumes about her personality and her style. Split shank engagement rings represent a lifetime promise of love and commitment to each other. It is a piece of jewelry she will  wear every day for the rest of her life. An engagement ring is a major investment and a lifelong symbol of your commitment to your marriage and relationship. It is important to take the time and care to thoughtfully choose the right engagement ring for her.

Nowadays, there are a large number of options when it comes to choosing diamond ring settings. The different styles are about as numerous as brides and the various  combinations of gold, diamonds, and configurations are nearly endless.

Camo engagement rings, wedding bands, blue, black diamond rings   and split shank engagement rings are just a few of the options in existence.


What Is A Split Shank Engagement  Ring?

When you enter a jewelry store, there are often so many rings on display, that it can quickly become confusing and overwhelming. It is best to do some research on ring settings before you begin shopping in person.

The shank of the engagement ring refers to what many people call the band. It is the part of the ring that actually goes around the finger.

In this ring, the shank begins to split as it approaches the diamond setting. The shank may divide into two or more strands, but it is usually joined into one underneath the finger.

Split shank rings are beautiful and elegant. Its delicate design allows for more variation than a standard shank ring. These rings with wedding bands are especially gorgeous. Adding a matching wedding band alongside the split shank engagement ring takes the stunning engagement ring and gives it the classic look of a wedding band.

Variations Of Split Shank Rings

There are many variations of this kind of rings:

    • Halo split shank engagement rings contain a ring or “halo” of small diamonds around the main stone. Pave set diamonds are a popular choice for halo split shank engagement rings, but channel set diamonds are also a beautiful option.

    • Double halo split shank engagement rings – the rings that give the illusion of a larger center stone while creating the perfect frame for your center stone. They offer not just a beautiful view, but also a richer image on the finger.

  • In cushion cut split shank engagement rings, the main diamond is a rectangle and cut to resemble a cushion. This type of cut gives the ring a classy antique look. Many cushion cut split shank engagement rings have a halo of diamonds around the main stone.

Another antique looking cut is the emerald cut split shank engagement rings. In rings, the main diamond is shaped with a rectangular shape with many facets on the face of the stone. This gives the diamond a very classic gemstone appearance and the many facets reflect a large amount of light making the stone look very brilliant.

Princess cut split shank engagement rings  are other option for you. A princess cut is an angular style of diamond  in the shape of a square. This a much more modern style  with its angular and bold lines. A Princess cut engagement ring often has a large faceted diamond.

Which Of These Split Shank Engagement Rings Is The Most Suitable Ring ?

Yes, there are  many options for you to choose the most suitable engagement ring for your beloved other:) Split shank engagement rings are a perfect solution to help you in such situations because they are such beautiful looking rings on the finger and look fantastic with a wedding ring.

So, take as much time as you need to achieve finding the perfect ring put a smile on both your faces  when you  look at your bride to be’s finger with her double halo split shank engagement ring:) Congratulations to you both.