Unique Asscher Cut Engagement Rings For Your Bride

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Are you wondering what  Asscher cut engagement rings are , or maybe you are planning to purchase one? The following insights may make help your search for the perfect stone less of a hurdle.

Although  Asscher cut rings having been in existence for more than a century, many people are aware of the beauty of these rings. Possibly, all  they know about the diamond is that it is a popular ring with many celebrities, or a unique piece of jewelry. When talking about Asscher cut engagement rings, the following aspects come are important.

The Cut Does Really Matter

The uniqueness of the ring is in the cut. The charm of an Asscher cut ring features  a cutting design and pattern which were created  early in the 19th Century (1902). The elegant cut, which is  based on a square pattern, consists of many other corner cuts along the square. The final result is although the stone is square in shape, it will take the form of an octagon.

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An Asscher cut makes the diamond sparkle and radiate light. This is why you may hear it called “square emerald cut”. Due to the uniqueness of the cut, Asscher cut engagement rings usually go well with antique ring designs.

Diamonds are symbolic of durability, toughness and brilliance. This is why antique diamonds will always appeal to people. The Asscher cut will bring out the sparkle and brilliance of a diamonds  better than other cut. For instance, the mirror effect and parallel lines allow a person to easily see any imperfections and particular color hues.

Stones of only the highest quality in order to minimize the imperfections. By going for Asscher cut diamond engagement rings, you have an assurance of a high quality gem.

Registration And Certification Of Your Asscher Cut Engagement Rings

Like any other genuine and legal diamonds, Asscher cut engagement rings should be registered and certified by the relevant authorities. These bodies are charged with ensuring the diamond went through  the legal process to get to you. Most notable organizations include the High Council of Diamonds and Gemological Institute of America.

The Asscher diamond ring is cut according to a patent granted to the inventor of the cut. So, while looking for an Asscher cut ring, make sure the gem is registered. This  gives you  proof of authenticity, as well as  offering you peace of mind knowing that the love of your life is rocking a verified masterpiece:)

Diamond Placement  On Your Asscher Cut Engagement Ring

There are many ways of attaching the stone on the engagement ring. The most popular is the use of four prongs. This offers the safest and most secure support for the stone, considering its square design. Another thing you will note when you are looking for the perfect Asscher diamond ring for your engagement, is that white metal is most preferred. The metal allows the diamond to shine and take center stage, showing off the desired sparkle.

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There Are A Variety Of Designs For Your Asscher Cut Engagement Rings

Numerous designs and cuts featured on Asscher diamond rings are available to suit your tastes. Search through different jewelry stores and you will be have more than you can choose from!

Those who love the classic appeal will certainly go for vintage Asscher cut engagement rings such as the Tiffany design. Today, there are  many modern designs for the people looking for new trends. Usually, the engagement ring will range from one and 1 carat. You may also come across a 1/3 carat ring up to 3 carat gem.

There are several types of Asscher cuts, but the Cullinan Diamond is one of the most popular and exceptional Asscher cut stones in history. This diamond ring is not only large, clear, brilliant and highly valued, it is part of the Crown Jewels. These jewels are highly valued by the Royal Family in England.

Choosing the right engagement ring to propose to your girlfriend remains one of life’s biggest decisions for you… Fortunately, technology has led to numerous different designs and cuts, offering you a broader choice. Now, after reading this valuable information about Asscher cut engagement rings, you can make the moment count by choosing one of kind  vintage, replica or antique rings.  For as we all know,  diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Prove your love by giving her a divinely gorgeous sparkling Asscher cut engagement ring:)

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