Top 5 Reasons To Buy Aquamarine Engagement Rings For Your Lovely Bride

Aquamarine Engagement Rings

Aquamarine Engagement Rings

Do you wish to sweep away your bride-to-be with a brilliant sparkling ring that can complement her dazzling beauty?

While most modern-day couples opt for a classy diamond solitaire, people who’re running on a tight budget can consider unique and affordable alternatives, such as American diamonds, aquamarines and pearls.

If you wish to impress your gorgeous bride with an elegant and dazzling piece for daily use, just go for aquamarine engagement rings.


Top 5 Reasons For Buying Aquamarine Engagement Rings

1) While nothing beats the glittering splendor of diamonds, even Aquamarine boasts a matchless radiance of its own. Whether it is an engagement, an anniversary or a simple bridal shower, diamonds grace the delicate contours of pretty brides, for all occasions. However, if you want something extraordinary and different, you can always opt for vintage aquamarine rings.

2) As blue as the pristine sea water, aquamarine is the favorite gemstone of celestial beings, such as mermaids and fairies. It’s reported that the stone protects the wearer against marital discords, evil spirits and negative emotions like grief, depression or anger.

3) Aquamarine is the conventional birthstone for Pisces, which makes it a perfect wedding gift for your partner, if her birthday falls on late February or March.

4) Aquamarine is used as an antidote for toxins and for making astrological predictions. You can gift it to your partner if he or she is an astrologer by profession.

5) Unlike other precious stones, the market price of aquamarine does not increase per carat that makes it more affordable than diamonds.

Quick Shopping Tips

# Firstly, you should search for a reputed and trusted local dealer only. You can check out online stores, but make sure they have a positive market reputation. Open your browsers and type “aquamarine engagement rings vintage” on the search tab and you can easily shop at the top online stores.

# Inspect various stones and look attentively at their shades. Aquamarines come in various shades ranging from bluish green to vivid sea blue and light turquoise. Dark-colored gems are precious and expensive, whereas stones which have different shades of green in them are less valuable, and inexpensive hence, easily available.

# Ask your jeweler if the stone has been treated before. Designers often practice irradiation, dyeing, coating and heat techniques for enhancing the shine of the stone and anyway, these treatments may devalue the gem and reduce its quality.

# Choose antique aquamarine engagement rings for your partners. You may opt for the conventional solitaire cut. If you’re seeking something amazing and stylish, check out tri-stone rings or paired stone bands. Go for a ring that has a large aquamarine stone in the center, followed by little diamonds all around. You may also choose butterfly, heart, dolphin, ribbon, star or other feminine designs.

# Carefully inspect the cut, reflection and surface of the gems. Look at the rings from different angles to assure that it’s free from scratches and nicks. Moreover, check the clarity of your stone. Since aquamarines are of light pastel color, they should be free from inclusions and flaws. You may use a jeweler’s loupe (special lenses that magnify an object up to 10 times) to examine its various edges and facets.

# Ask the dealer for documentation on the gem. The letter should contain information about chemical treatments, stone quality, its shades, cuts, design of the band, warranty period and overall costs. Take exact measurements of your finger and place the order.

Significance Of Aquamarine:

The ancient Romans believed that aquamarine has the power to retain love and positive sentiments. Therefore, they presented aquamarine jewelry to their partners, after consummating their nuptials.

Overall, aquamarine is an optimistic, delicate and beneficial gem. It’s a perfect gift for your bride-to-be. Now that you’re familiar with the great qualities of this gem, simply look through the best aquamarine rings available in the market and buy them for your loved ones.